Platinum Group brings you the best services with the most professional Vendors. We all have one principal goal in mind, and that is to design the best experience possible for your event, giving you and your loved one's memories to remember forever.


Try us out not only is it convenient but we are reliable, professional. We genuinely care about your event and the final fun outcome.  The savings & Value with Platinum Group is outstanding reach out to us lets set up 15-minute no commitment consultation with each interested vendor. Let us Show you quality and professionalism.


Meet Platinum Group Crew & Associates


Still in the process of looking for our best team,

Stay tuned for our full team Lineup


Julian Cesar aka JS7 from Silver Seven Entertainment on Platinum Group page

Julian AKA  JS7

Hello, I am Julian Cesar owner of Silver Seven Entertainment and main DJ/MC check out my bio page. BIO PAGE

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Silver Seven Entertainment Works closely and exclusively with a network of Dj/Mc professionals with the same style and professionalism As Silver Seven Ent. Whatever your special date might If I can't personally Dj/Mc your event please believe that my partners will do just as great. We got you covered stop looking around for the next best thing and just get the best value here with us at Silver Seven Entertainment


Julian from silver seven entertainmet

Albert & Alane

ALAS Wedding Photography, is a team of talented photographers led by Albert Astorga. In 2015, Albert turned his hobby into an occupation and began working for private and corporate clients, documenting life-changing moments. One of his 1st clients, was a director for the History Channel's Axe Men, in which he captured a marriage proposal.

His background in art, fashion and visual merchandising has refined his creativity and allows him to capture every unique detail and memorable moment of your special day. Every couple pours all of their energy into their wedding and no smile, kiss or even decoration will be missed. Albert and his team would consider it a privilege to be apart of your wedding, so enjoy your day and let us deliver your life-changing photos.

For Bookings/Rates:
Instagram: @alasweddingphoto

Check out some of our work below.

The Proposal | Alas Wedding Photogra
The Kiss | Alas Wedding Photography
Holding Hands | Alas Wedding Photogr
I Do | Alas Wedding Photography
My Loves | Alas Wedding Photography
Down The Isle | Alas Wedding Photogr
The Look | Alas Wedding Photography
Embrace | Alas Wedding Photography
Reflecting | Alas Wedding Photograph
Wedding Rope | Alas Wedding Photogra
The Ring | Alas Wedding Photography
The Bride | Alas Wedding Photography
The Bride 2 | Alas Wedding Photograp
Flowers | Alas Wedding Photography
Smooch | Alas Wedding Photography
Our Path | Alas Wedding Photography
You are Special | Alas Wedding Photo
Mi Amor | Alas Wedding Photography
Silver Virgen Mary | Alas Wedding
The Walk | Alas Wedding Photography
Bride to be | Alas Wedding Photograp
Special Ring | Alas Wedding Photogra
Ring | Alas Wedding Photography
All Of Us | Alas Wedding Photography
Special | Alas Wedding Photography



Business owner of California Wedding Decorations & Elena's Sewing, we are proud to partner up with Silver Seven Entertainment to bring a synergy of professionalism and customer service to all our customers we provide the following services | Venue Decorations | Rental Linen |  Floral Arrangments | we also do alterations and rent tuxedos prom dresses and more.  









Business owner of 80Fire So Cal Grill, Proud to partner up with Silver Seven Entertainment to bring a synergy of professionalism and customer service to all.80Fire brings an innovative food touch to your upcoming event with the best dishes in town, we specialize in Tri-Tip and delicious sides, but no limited to that, let us know how we can satisfy you &  your guests appetite.

This is Platinum Group

 We don't have a complete team yet but we have a great team so far, and that's what matters to us quality vendors that offer value & quality not just the ability to provide a service for another client. We care about your event and we want to make it the best possible


reach out to me Julian Cesar (805) 290-7062 | let me know what services you would like to bundle, I will round the team up will set up a meet with you guys to provide info, quotes and answer any questions or concerns that you may have for us individually and as a group.


(Contracts are with us and ready to put through | dates are limited & we can only hold dates up to 3 days unless agreed upon different dates )



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