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Weddings Dj/Mc service

 Whats Included in our weddings

All events vary in details depending on client | Below is what's included in standard 5-hour Weddings, Silver & Gold Weddings + all other similar

on average Silver & Golden Weddings, and all other similar events, vary in pricing call for accurate pricing & quoting


First & foremost the most important thing to a successful event is to establish a connection, a line of communication with you (the client). Good communication will allow for both Dj & you (the client) to work efficiently, effectively and in a timely matter, thus giving all parties enough time and ease towards the planning and overall outcome of the event creating that memorable experience.

The initial meet is to establish communication talk about clients need for the event after agreement contract is signed, information is exchanged, DJ begins event process and sends out necessary documentation. | 1st. Phone call to help fill out Musicwork Sheet, then send the client that music worksheet for them to complete. 2nd. If desired by Bride and or groom meet at the place to decided set up places and talk about ceremony 3rd. Arrange call to 4-2 weeks before and once timeline is done to talk about any changes to timeline and tie end loose ends 4th. Courtesy call a day before event to make sure all all is good and ready for the next day. THE BIG DAY

Events have a minimum of 5 hours unless discussed otherwise. Extra hours past the 5 will be $200 per hour or 150$ if extras hours are booked from the start.

Events require 5-7 Hours of organizing, arranging, curating the most customized playlists possible for your guest &  special event

Set up & breakdown (Can take up to 2 + hours depending on size event) 

SSE provides a Music Services Worksheet Questionnaire that covers & answers most clients questions & concerns. MSW Questionnaire also allows us to carefully plan, arrange and coordinate a timeline of the event | MSW Questionnaire also has a music section that gives DJ an idea of the music to be played at event (client and Dj will discuss music lineup more in detail for an awesome custom set of music for event| you can download PDF MSW Questionnaire right on this page below just click on the links to your type of event (wedding or premier event)

All equipment needed for fun successful upscale event (extra equipment will be subject to rental fee & or be provided by client)


Mixing Console & turntables, Facade to hide all cables and give a more professional look to event. (Linen or Drape theme colored sheet can be set over facade to match event colors.)

All extension cords, power cables, surge protector, tape for hiding cables if necessary,  all other miscellaneous items required.

All speakers required for event up to 300 guests (anything over 300 guests might require more sound | price will reflect this)

Also two mics for additional coverage, additional mic allows event to flow smoothly & efficiently (additional mics after the 2 available for 80$ fee)

Dance floor lighting for when the dancing starts | This will create a more eventful event and give a more festive atmosphere for the most memorable event possible

Reception & Ceremony Set-up Visual

 Most popular set up is our premier set up #1 starting @ 1400$ + 300 for set up #2 + $250 for ceremony set up


The above basically cover most that which is included, if there are any further questions or concerns please do get a hold of us. Let us help you out.  


All events are different & Unique in their own right and might require more of anything and or everything. Any Additional equipment or time will be subject to its standard fee's | All that is stated above is the essential equipment and process. 


Pricing Anchor

>Wedding & Premier events are similar in details, efforts & process & start @ $1400 for the Premier Setup #1 Add $300 for Premier Setup + #2 if your wedding requires 2 setups for ceremony & Reception one being a PA system (PA system start @ $200)

see above pictures for visual differnces 


>Give us a call today for the best-customized Quote possible


>Still have time to book for this year 2019. Bundle & Save


>Book for (2020 through 2019) & get %10 off the total.


>We understand that all Wedding & premier events are not equal lets us set you up with the best Set-up for your event. 



Bundle other offered services with DJ/Mc service & Save even more

ask us about bundling.

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Photobooth Service with Silver Seven Entertainment
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